We Create A High Converting Funnel For You, New Social Media Branding & Content, We Advertise You On 4 Ad Campaigns On Facebook, Google and Youtube For 45 Days, & Send You A Gift.
Megalodon Marketing - PBR - Jeremy Haynes
Want Us To Create Everything You Need For Your Personality Brand To Convert More Leads & Sales?
Start, grow, and position your personalty brand by working with the experts!
We're a digital agency that specializes in personality branding and we have results. We've driven over $25M and counting in tangible and intangible information products for personality brands of all sizes and in all positions.

We understand what it takes to succeed and understand what holds most personality brands back from converting leads, sales and making that impact for a scaled group of customers they desire. We know this from seeing and experiencing success and failure first hand with past and current clients. 

The PBR is the perfect system broke down to a 60 day term with us, 15 days of creative and 45 days of execution along side your personality brand. If you're looking to get the assets, positioning and what it takes to get results that you need delivered to you quickly, professionally and produced by a premium agency with results and experience working with people like you--we've got you covered when you invest into yourself with the PBR presented by Megalodon Marketing.
Want To Grow Your Existing Personality Brand?
Leverage Our Team Of Marketing And CreativeExperts To Build And Execute Along Side Your Personality Brand With Everything You'll Need To Start Converting More Leads And Sales While Making A Greater Impact Too.

When It Comes To Growing Your Personality Brand, Sometimes We Get Stuck Or Hit A Growth Constraint... Things Happen Like:

- You Don't Have A Team
- You're Over Paying On An Agency
- The People You Have Helping You Aren't Getting Results
- You Don't Know What You Don't Know
- You've Tried Everything And Nothing Is Working
- You're Missing Something To Get You Where You Know You Should Be...
Want To Launch Your New Personality Brand?
Launching Your Personality Brand If You Haven't Done So Already Is Beyond Critical In The Modern Age. Your Online Presence Will Soon Define Everything From Status To Your Ability To Generate Revenue On Demand Being Yourself. 

When It Comes To Launching And Monetizing Your Personality Brand, You'll Need The Following:

- Positioning! You Have To Scream To The World Who You Are And Provide Value So They Care
- PR - Get Press! Be Sure To Have Other Credible Sources Talk About You Too
- Funnels And Marketing Automation
- Strong & Consistent Social Media Presence
- Content. You'll Need A Lot of Content
- Information Products - Books, Webinars, Courses, Programs, Online Universities, Speaking Gigs, Etc
Whether you're currently a personality brand or just starting out...
Step 1
Our Strategy Session, Gathering & Creative Phase
We Get Everything We Need From You, And Create Everything We'll Need For You
Step 2
Approval, Testing & Launch Phase
We'll Need You To Approve Everything We Just Created For You, We'll Then Test The Assets And Launch Them Into The Market For You
Step 3
Real Time Changes & Reporting Phase
You'll Be Getting Updates From Us On Improvements We've Made To What We've Created For You And Reporting Data To You.\
Why megalodon marketing is your go-to personality branding solution
We Use proven systems that work for personality brands for almost 4 years of experience.
How The Process Works
  • Strategy call - Upon purchasing, you will immediately be emailed a link to schedule a call with our Project Manager who will fill out an Analysis Form for you that allows our team to have a better understanding of the personality brand objectives and assets you want created.
  •  Gather assets - We follow up our call together with an email asking you upload photos, videos and anything else we deem necessary to our success in helping you succeed before our creative phase begins.
  •  Social Audit - We perform a social media audit with the last 90 days of data from your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to help us see what worked best and what failed to create the best content that will generate the most engagement. 
  •  The Creative phase - We create a 5 step funnels for you to convert leads and sales, we create the 5 email follow up automation sequence attached to your funnel, we create all the social media content and write 4 articles for you, and we create the ads and the ad campaigns.
  •  Approval Phase - You approve everything that we created before we launch anything. This comes after we've tested everything and performed internal quality control check. 
  •  Launch Phase - We launch the ad campaigns, schedule the social media content to be distributed over the next coming weeks, and deploy all other assets associated with what we've created for your personality brand. 
  •  Management and Optimization - We make real time changes to the funnel and ads created to ensure we are optimizing your funnels and ads for the best results possible. 
  •  Custom Reporting - Reports generated weekly/monthly during 60 day term with information and KPI's that you understand and that make an impact on your brand. 
Just to be super clear with you and what you're getting in the pbr...
here is exactly what's included
When You Sign Up For The PBR You're Getting Access To The Following Services And Assets.
  • 5 Step Funnel - We're going to build you a 5 step lead and sales funnel in a tool called Clickfunnels. This page for example--is a Clickfunnels landing page. You'll have a lead page, a thank you page upsell, a confirmation page, a sales page where retargeting traffic will get driven to, and a separate upsell and confirmation page for the retargeting landing page. This funnel is not a template, rather a foundation that we completely build your brand, message, offer and info into that we know converts from experience working with personality brands just like you. The 5 step funnel averages $10,000-$50,000 in 60 days in returns and hundreds, sometimes thousands of leads on average for our full service clients we work with.
  •  Email Automation Series - We're going to create a 5 part email follow up series that will be sent from your email address (or the email of your choice) with replies going directly to your inbox but without you having to send them. You'll have marketing automation now! Woo!
  •  Cold Facebook Advertising - 'Cold' in the advertising worlds means we're referring to driving traffic to your lead magnets and sales offers who don't know you yet. We're going to create a Facebook ads campaign for you with ads that are going to drive future leads and customers to the funnel we create for you!
  •  5 Retargeting Campaigns - We'll be following up with those who don't take action on becoming a lead or customer with retargeting ads on Facebook, Instagram, 86% of the webpages on the internet covered by Google Display targeting and Youtube with up to 5 retargeting campaigns to get your potential leads and customers back to take the actions they previously did not take. 
  •  Social Media Audit - Our team of social media experts is going to dive into the past 90 days worth of social media activity for your personality brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to find out exactly what worked and what has not worked, what you have been doing and what you have not with the intention of creating the best content possible to optimize our efforts to get you engagement, attention and expanded brand awareness on social media. We'll elevate your brand to heights you can't see yet.
  •  Social Media Content - You're going to get 30 Facebook Posts, 30 Instagram Posts, 45 Done For You Tweets, and 4 LinkedIn Articles included in the PBR. That's a combination of image quotes, photos, videos with captions added, edited videos for edifying your personality brand with content you provide, gifs, gif quotes, and articles that can use and that we can schedule out for you when you sign up for the PBR. We create 1000's of image quotes and social media content a week for our clients and referral partner network. We know what will work for you based on results. 
  •  BONUS - How To Social Sell Video Series - You'll get access to the how to social sell 8 part video series presented by the CEO of Megalodon Marketing--Jeremy Haynes, with access sent to you upon sign up.
  •  BONUS - DJi Osmo Mobile - Have you ever seen one of those fancy stabilizers high profile personality brands use because they know that reducing hand shake and increasing stability in their videos increases engagement, shares, lead flow and potential sales? Now you have, and when you sign up--now you'll have one.
You May Be Asking...
How Are You Different Than A Traditional Advertising Agency?
Traditional Advertising Agency
  •  Large Up-Front Set Up And Monthly Maintenance Fees + % of Ad Spend Taken
  •  Cookie Cutter Website Designed That Only 'Get's The Job Done' - Not Good At Converting Leads Into Sales
  •  Long-Term Contracts With Legal Holds Designed To Lock You In Regardless Of Performance, Putting You In a Win - Lose Situation
  •  Dependent On Agency - They Control Your Ads, Websites And Can Stop Generating You Business
  •  The More You Invest In Advertising, The More The Agency Makes - Most Agencies Take A Percentage Of Ad Spend
  •  Not Personality Branding Experts! Can't Prove Results Even If They Say They Have Them. Little To No Experience Typically. 
Megalodon Marketing - PBR
  • No Monthly Maintenance Fees 
  •  Done-For-You Package To Ensure You Expand Your Brand, Drive Leads And Convert Sales Based On Success And Failure And 4 Years of Personality Branding Experience
  •  No Contracts - Just A One-Time Payment For The PBR and You're GoodTo Go.
  •  We Create Everything For You - Once Complete, You Own Everything And We Manage Everything for The 60 Day Term Educating You How To Do It Along The Way.
  •  Ability To Scale Without Losing Money - You Spend As Much As You Want On Your Ads, We Don't Take A Dime!
  •  Personality Branding Experts With Over $25M in Tangible And Intangible Info Product Sales!
All of this done for you And Managed By A team of proven marketing and sales experts.
So You've Made It This Far... Let's Summarize All Of This And What The PBR is Going To Do For You:
$4,000 - one time
Credit Card Number:
CVC Code:
Expiry Month:
Expiry Year:
Frequently Asked Questions About Megalodon Marketing
Does This Include Ad Spend?
The PBR is a one time fee that does not include ad spend. You have full control! 
Will My Ad Convert Into Sales?
Our Experts cannot guarantee sales, but we can guarantee traffic and leads!
How Many Ads Do You Set Up?
We set up six complete advertising campaigns meaning: 6 Campaigns, 6 Ad Sets, and 6 Ads.
How Many Funnels Do You Create?
One funnel with 5 steps, 2 steps for lead generation and 3 steps for converting leads into sales.
Do I Own What You Create For Me?
Yes, you own and retain access to everything that we create for you. Including any recorded sessions together.
Do You Post The Social Media Content That You Create?
We can. We can either provide you the content that we create for your social media for you to post or we can schedule the content being posted for you.
When Does The Process Start?
As soon as you sign up! You're going to get an email to schedule the 20 min strategy session with us upon you signing up.
What Do I Need To Have Already To Succeed With This?
Knowledge of you are, why you're an expert, and you have to actually be great at whatever you're representing.
If I'm Starting Out, Is This Good For Me?
This is the perfect package for you if you're launching your personality brand as well as those who are already crushing it. 
What's Your Refund Policy?
This is an intangible marketing service that cannot be canceled or revoked. Once invoice is paid, buyer agrees there are no cancellations, returns, or refunds of any sort because of the nature of services rendered.
What Happens After 60 Days?
We'll give you a final report showing all results and activity and will extend the opportunity for you to continue service with us if applicable.
Can I Get More Than 1 PBR?
Yes, 1 personality brand can buy however many PBR packages necessary for their current creative and execution needs. 
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